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After Submit We will Review your Music. if its is Good We will Contact you. otherwise we don't allow to upload your Music in Brobeat Pro.

How to Submit Music Demo?

Only Brobeat Admins can Delete Your Account. if you want delection for your Account Please Send a Delete Request Message to Our Facebook / Email ;

How to delete My account

Login to Brobeat Pro & goto My Account.

You have the full responsible for your Account, you can add/edit account details.
We are giving More Social Media & Music Profile Links in your Account. so you can increase your fans.

Managing Your Account & Profile Settings

We allow to Share your Profile to Public. We added more Features to Artists Profile.

  • Other Artists Can Follow you
  • Grow your fans in your Music/Social Profiles.
  • Users can Search/Play/Download Your Musics Easly.

Your Profile link Look Like :

Sharing access to an Profile

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You can enter either your email address. We will allow your registered Email for Using reset for your Password.

I forgot my password

At Brobeat Pro we take the security of your account very seriously, and we want to make sure you know what it takes to keep your account safe. Here’s our safety tips for registering an account with Brobeat (or any other service):

Choose a strong, unique password

DO NOT use the same password across multiple sites, and keep your password to yourself.

DO choose a random string of at least 8 characters, including upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Consider using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass to create and remember unique, strong passwords.

DO NOT use your name, date of birth, part of your email address, login, or other information.

Never give out your password or account information

If you come across any weird links in messages, comments or any other areas across the site, be wary, and if prompted, never enter your sign-in details unless signing in on

How to have a secure account

It’s important to understand that the email address used to originally create a Brobeat Pro account will be used to indicate ownership of the account for the duration of it’s existence. Therefore it’s advisable to take extra care when selecting the email address you’re going to use when creating an account.

If you’re signing up to Brobeat Pro with an email address, please note the following:

  • An email address can only be associated with one Brobeat account at a time. It is not possible to manage multiple accounts from one email address.
  • We use the email you enter to confirm your new Brobeat account, we’ll send your username & Password to Your Registered email.

Email requirements